Opening Session
Lebanese National Anthem
Welcome Word: Tarek NA'WAS
                            Chair of the Organizing Committee
Address of:        Fr. Walid MOUSSA
                            President of the Universities Association of Lebanon
Address of:        Aref EL SOUFI
                            Director of the Tempus Lebanon Bureau
Address of:        George TOHMEH
                            President of the National Center for Scientific Research
Address of:        H.E. General Michel SLEIMAN
                            President of the Lebanese Republic
Moderator:         Rihab El-HELOU
                            Director of the Universities Association of Lebanon's Office
First Session: Introductory Session 
Chair:      Joseph JABBRA
               President of the Lebanese American University (LAU)
               Naim OUAINI
               Deputy Director for Public Administration of the Holy Spirit
               University of Kaslik, and President of the Scientific Committee
               The Scientific Research in Lebanon
               Fawaz FAWAZ
               Advisor at CNRS for Medical Sciences and for Research Programs
Second Session: the New challenges in the Scientific Research, and the Creation of a New Knowledge Through Scientific Research
Chair:           Reverend Paul HAIDOUSTIAN
                    President of Haigazian University
Rapporteur:   Georges NEHME
                    New Challenges in Governing Science
                    Stefen HORNBOSTEL
                    Funding of Scientific Research, Impact of Private Companies
                    Jean-luc CLEMENT 
Third Session: The Scientific Research, its Supervision and Evaluation Within the University Graduate Studies
Chair:             Fr. Hadi MAHFOUZ
                      President of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK)
Rapporteur:     Rajaa FAKHOURY
                      Research Training in Masters and PhD Levels
                      Jean Pierre GESSON
                      The Evaluation of the French System of Research 
                      Jean-luc NAHEL
Fourth Session: Joint Research Projects in Various Majors
Chair:                  Fr. Camille MOUBARAK
                           President of La Sagesse University
Rapporteur:          Omar MAWLAWI
                           Creative Technologies and Interdisciplinary Research
                           Projects at the University of Regina 
                           Sheila PETTY
Fifth Session: Ethics in the Scientific Research 
Chair:               Amr Galal Al-ADAWI
                        President of Beirut Arab University (BAU)
Rapporteur:       Ghazi TADMOURI
                        Quality Assurance and Ethics in Research
                        Nadia BADRAWI
                        The Transition Towards a Society of Knowledge and the
                        Increasing Role of Research, Development and Innovation
                        Mohamad MRAYATI
First Workshop: Importance of National, Regional and International Cooperation and  Collaboration in Scientific Research
First Session: Interventions 
Chair:                  H.e. Sami MINKARA
                           President of Al-Manar University of Tripoli
Rapporteur:          Chafic MOKBEL
Second Session: Discussions and Recommendations 
Second Workshop: Funding of Scientific Research: Support of the Private Sector
First Session: Interventions 
Chair:                   Rony ABI NAKHLE
                            President of Lebanese Canadian University
Rapporteur:          Khaled MAKKOUK
Second Session: Discussions and Recommendations 
Closing Session: Recommendations 
Chair:                Fr. Walid MOUSSA
                         President of the Notre Dame University - Louaizé (NDU),
                         President of the Universities Association of Lebanon 
Rapporteur:        Soueidan NASSER EDDINE
                         Director of International Affairs at the Islamic University 
                         General Secretary of the Universities Association of Lebanon

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